Carpet could be your best flooring option

Carpet flooring is a floor covering that's soft, beautiful, and long-lasting. It brings impressive features to almost every room of your home for benefits you'll love. And it could last up to 20 years by choosing the ideal options.

A wide variety of color schemes means you can match any decor. And you'll find plenty of options for durability. Even parents and pet owners appreciate these floors, so it's worth your time to find out more about them.

Visuals that match your design

Carpet fiber choice and color work well together to create beautiful visuals. First, you'll find an excellent decor match with ease. Then, consider all the available patterns and textures to complete your desired look.

Don't forget to look at trends that could keep you current for years to come. This year's trends include neutrals and bright, bold colors for various looks. They're likely to remain current so that you will enjoy them longer.

Your durability options

A professional carpet installation goes a long way in providing durable flooring. But the fiber choice also plays a big part in durability. Nylon is an excellent choice in high-traffic areas, offering strength and crush resistance.

Polyester is perfect for low-traffic areas where stains are a possibility. But you can choose complete peace of mind in brands that offer built-in stain and odor protection. These floors are the choice of homeowners with pets and children in the home.

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Important carpet installation facts

Some homeowners ask if it's possible to skip the padding in their carpet installation. We do not recommend this, as padding is essential for a carpet's durability and lifespan. In addition, it helps reduce bunching, balding, and premature wear, adding incredible softness.

The installation requires ability and special tools, especially seam connection and stretching. Professional services also ensure your warranty will never become void. We'll explain the entire installation process once you choose your materials.

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